FlexPrint Managed Print Solutions Remains a “Best Places to Work” With Exponential Growth

PHOENIX, AZ (December 16, 2016) — FlexPrint LLC, the leader in National Managed Print Solutions has been recognized again by the Phoenix Business Journal as a Best Places to Work for 2016. This year’s recognition is especially meaningful for FlexPrint because they’ve been able to expand their business exponentially without losing the personal touch and care they have for their employees, and in turn, satisfied customers.

“FlexPrint continues to raise the bar and grow because we have amazing people who love working here”, said Frank Gaspari, CEO and Founder of FlexPrint. “Our culture is fueled by passion, fun, and a drive to succeed, which has allowed us to nearly double our size and revenue closing out 2016.”

The Phoenix Business Journal’s Best Places to Work recognizes companies with great workplace practices that establish and consistently foster outstanding workplace environments. Organizations were ranked based on employee participation in a survey conducted by research partner, Quantum Workplace. This year, over 600 organizations participated and the top 100 were ranked in the categories of Micro, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

About FlexPrint National Managed Print Solutions

FlexPrint was founded 2005 and has become the nation’s leading privately owned enterprise for Managed Print and Technology Services. FlexPrint’s managed solutions and expertise streamlines business workflow for corporate, regional, and remote locations under a single national service level agreement. The blend of consultative services and solutions encourage client growth through consistent workflow with proactive customer service, a boost in employee efficiency, and driving costs out of business operations. For additional information please go to www.flexprintinc.com.

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