How to Drive Sales through Customer Relationships

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We sat down with Oliver Bodden, Panasonic’s new SIP and Applications Product Manager to discuss his thoughts on UC Mobility, customer relationships and where he sees the industry heading.


Q. Can you tell us about your previous experience working with Panasonic as both a UC Technical Field Manager and in Panama?

A: I started working with Panasonic in 2011 as a sales engineer and moved up to a supervisor. Although I was working in Panama, I covered well over 25 countries in the Americas and the Caribbean. Half of my job was focused on training, getting the dealers up to speed on our product line-up from a features and benefits standpoint and letting our customers know everything that Panasonic has to offer – that was the primary goal.

As part of that training role, we would sit down with customers asking questions to see how we can solve their problems with our products. The other half of the job was technical training. I sat down with all the technicians and taught them how to install the systems. I also worked in the marketing department where we would implement product strategy and launches based on what each country wants to do.

It was a very diverse and hybrid role.

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