Look like the big boys, offer your own branded supplies

Your brand, your identity

CloverWith Clover’s custom box program, we will design the packaging and private brand label based on your requirements and consistent with your brand guidelines.

This is the best choice for those organizations looking to market, promote and sell their own branded product line. With every sale you will be promoting your company consistent with your go-to-market strategy.

By utilizing a custom box program, you will be able to strengthen your brand identity while differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

Most importantly, by having a unique brand no other company offers, you will have control of your profitability while growing your business.

Contact us to learn how you can qualify for the Custom Box program.

About Clover Imaging Group

In 1996, Clover Technologies Group began as a toner remanufacturer in the small town of Marseilles, Illinois.

20 years later, through both strategic acquisitions and organic growth, Clover has evolved into a global billion dollar business that services all facets of the imaging industry from manufacturing, to collections, services, and parts.

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Luke Goldberg talks Seat Based Billing with West McDonald in this fireside chat last November

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The post When sites like Amazon, Twitter, and Reddit affected, is your website..

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