Plan your future by knowing your history

SAP Business One, which began as a small idea, is now more than 20 years old, and with nearly 1 million users in more than 160 countries, is a leading product in the global Small Midsize Business market.

It is an entrepreneurial success story showing that with the combination of vision, determination, passion and self-belief one can overcome enormous challenges.

What follows is a series outlining the story of how an idea launched in Israel became SAP Business One.

In each episode of this blog series, we will cover a milestone of the product with stories and anecdotes of people that took part in the exciting journey.

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MWA has far reaching roots serving the imaging channel for nearly 25 years!

By many, MWA has been recognized as an industry innovator with a passion for developing and guiding new technologies, processes, and strategies for the benefit of the dealer channel and it’s new and expanding markets.

MWA has made significant investments and continues to invest in leading-edge technology to include SAP Business One.

MWA is a premier SAP Business One OEM partner and has designed, developed, and brought to market, FORZA!

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Join the Forza Forum Webinar with Bob Goldberg on December 14th, 2016!

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The post Toshiba Speeds and Streamlines Records Management for EMS Regional Council appeared first on Industry Analysts, Inc..

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