Top 10 News articles of 2016

2016 was a busy year! Here’s a list of the top 10 most read articles in The What’s Happenin’ Report newsletter you all know and love. It’s kind of funny, the #4 most read article turned out to be false as we now all know Konica Minolta didn’t buy Lexmark! NOTE – it wasn’t my news article!

10. Konica Minolta Acquires Former Ricoh Dealer Through Subsidiary
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9. EXCLUSIVE: Is Lenovo set to buy Lexmark?
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8. Letter to Sharp Dealers;
Read 3,228x, 109 LinkedIn shares

7. Ricoh moves to one company, one name
Read 3,503x, 46 LinkedIn shares

6. Sharp buyout will happen by Feb. 29?
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5. Lexmark agrees to be acquired by Apex Technology and PAG Asia Capital
Read 4,623x, 129 LinkedIn shares

4. Lexmark to Sell Printer Group to Konica Minolta?
Read 6,133x, 479 LinkedIn shares

3. Major refresh of Xerox MFP line; my review
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2. Xerox to Split in Two; Carl Icahn to Get Three Board Seats
Read 6,133x, 217 LinkedIn shares

1. Sharp Sells for $6.2 Billion
Read 9,317x, 372 LinkedIn shares

What’s Happenin’ at Xerox Post Split

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